Holistic and classically minded equitation for every horse and rider.

The handsome Tonnerre

Passionate about horses her whole life, Mikaila always dreamed of a genuine partnership where horse and human choose to work together for a mutually beneficial experience. The horse brings incredible joy, appreciation of natural beauty and a sense of freedom to the people who love him. To the horse, man has the capacity to provide him with the healthy fulfillment of his basic needs, a confident peace of mind and the ability to utilize his forces freely and unhindered.

The horse gives his gifts simply by being present, but the human must pursue many avenues of education in order to be a positive partner for the horse. Mikaila’s desire to learn has led her to study in many fields including equine nutrition, farriery, ethology and anatomy. Always with a value placed on practical application, she became interested in applying a Whole Horse approach, not just to husbandry, but as well to all methods and techniques of work with horses.

After 18 years of riding and competing within the conventional modern paradigm, in 2014 Mikaila left for France with her horse Bredero to learn a more ethical, historically relevant and comprehensive method to riding which supported her belief in a holistic philosophy. She became the first American accepted as the personal student of Philippe Karl and Bea Borelle. Rejecting all methods or tools of force and restraint, she learned a dynamic and equine health-preserving work based upon centuries old classical principles.

Bredero awaits his carrot from Philippe Karl

Returning to the United States in 2017, today Mikaila is passionate to both continue her own learning and share her knowledge. Her work is designed with the goal of bringing horses of any breed and riders of any discipline to a level of genuine partnership so they can achieve their highest potential together. Only when we develop a respectful and attentive care to the Whole Horse will he choose to be our partner and make this dream possible!