Energy Work

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Mikaila practices both Reiki and Animal Communication, and offers both as a service to her clients. Both of these are available to animals of any species, please contact her for more details if you are interested in setting up an appointment.


‘Ki’ is the Japanese word for what you might have already heard called ‘Chi’ in Chinese if you have benefited from acupuncture or practiced Tai Chi. Or perhaps you have heard the word ‘Prana’- which is Sanskrit, if you have practiced Yoga. These are all simply different ways from different cultures across the centuries to describe the same thing: Life Force Energy.

Life Force Energy is the electromagnetic force which flows within all living beings. Just like any other energetic field, your own Ki/Chi/Prana, carries a polarity and a charge which is constantly fluctuating based upon your experiences, your environment, your diet, even your thoughts and therefore especially your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Ash receives Reiki

‘Rei’ is the Japanese word which represents both Universal Energy and Higher Power. It is the divine energy that is found in absolutely all matter everywhere in the Universe. It too ebbs, flows and interacts with all things.

‘Reiki’ then, is the practice of channeling this Universal Energy in an effort to heal, restore, move and alter the charge, flow and frequency of Life Force Energy. Reiki can be performed by a certified practitioner in person or remotely. Mikaila is happy to perform Reiki on any animal anywhere in the world.


Animal Communication

Thanks to this Universal Energy that permeates everything in existence and because all of us living beings also have our own Life Force Energy which interacts with all the energies around us… in truth, everything in the entire Universe is connected. You are just as connected to a person on the opposite side of the Earth as you are to an apple that you eat- it is simply all about tuning into the right frequency.

By tuning into the appropriate frequencies, we can not only connect with anything anywhere, we can interact as well. Something very similar has even been shown at the atomic level in quantum physics in what is called Quantum Entanglement. This is when one particle reacts to something which is done to another particle regardless of any distance between them (meaning the particles have no possibility of being physically or materially connected) and the reaction is instantaneous.

This is how any intuitive communication works and it is something that you have without a doubt already experienced without knowing it. Due to the various frequencies we tune into throughout our lives, we receive all sorts of different input through our intuition. A common example being when you are thinking about a song and then it comes on the radio, or thinking of a person who then suddenly and unexpectedly calls.

B has a lot to say!

Through intuitively communicating with animals, we can get a more clear and honest picture of their lives from their own perspective. This can help with all sorts of practical things like knowing what foods they feel would help their bodies, or where in their bodies they are hurting, but most importantly it helps us to know our animals on a genuine and individual level.


Mikaila currently only does animal communication appointments remotely simply using a photo of the animal.