A huge part of being effective in making positive change, is having a reliable team of likeminded people working to bring their respective strengths together. The following are proficient and talented practitioners that contribute their skills to Whole Horse Equitation’s success.

Shelbie Fredenhagen


Shelbie with her Dutch mare Neira

Hailing from Alaska, Shelbie is a lifelong horse lover who has pursued quality education in horsemanship not only all over the US, but also in Canada and Mexico. Through her business Bodhi Equus, Shelbie has already taught clinics in not only Alaska but Washington, Oregon and Colorado. Still available to travel anywhere, Shelbie now spends her winters in Florida working in cooperation with Mikaila and Whole Horse Equitation.

A student of Ecole de Légèreté since 2011, Shelbie’s work pulls from a diverse pool of knowledge including horsemanship, farriery, body work and rider body awareness. She has also authored articles for various magazines on these subjects.

Always pursuing more education, Shelbie continues to study from the philosophies of Masterson Method, Mark Rashid, and Ortho-bionomy.