Horse and Human Education


Eloïse and Blackie in France 2017

Mikaila is available for lessons all over North and Central Florida. Her goal is to establish *thinking* riders by simply providing them with the correct tools needed to develop their horses themselves.

Each horse and person team is individually different with unique goals so Mikaila is always willing to create a customized program and flexible schedule to suit each pair’s needs.

No matter if you just want to work on the ground, or what type of saddle you ride in, what breed of horse you have or what your goals are, learning a Whole Horse approach will help you make clear progress. Good work is dependent upon partnership and not fancy facilities. Even if you only have a pasture to ride in, Mikaila is happy to work with you.

Hauling in to Mikaila’s facility for lessons is also possible.


Florida 2015

Mikaila is available to travel anywhere in the world for 2, 3 or 4 day clinics. Working either with multiple riders in groups throughout the day or in an eight rider, daily private lesson format, all clinics include work in-hand and theory lectures. Passionate about helping horses and their riders progress, she presents information in an easy to understand and progressive structure.

Please contact Mikaila about single day arrangements for 4-H and Pony Club groups.

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Flyer for Clicker Club clinic series put on by Whole Horse Equitation in Fall 2018


Starting young horses – Rehabilitative therapy – Further education
Whole Horse Equitation in Alachua, FL

Mikaila has a limited number of spaces available for taking horses into training at her own facility. She is also available to travel to work with training horses at their home facilities which are located in Alachua County, FL.

The training program includes a complete and dynamic work with a goal agreed upon by the owner of the horse beforehand. Mikaila takes horses into training for starting under saddle, rehabilitative therapy and continuing advanced work under saddle.

In cases of rehabilitation therapy, Mikaila maintains a relationship with both the Sports Medicine Lameness Department at University of Florida and the Equine Performance Center in Ocala, FL. Consulting with veterinarians knowledgable in specific fields surrounding equine movement and soundness, as well as incorporating multiple forms of supportive therapies such as swimming, Mikaila is passionate about helping horses feel their best.

All programs involve comprehensive basics and ground work education. Using exposure to many different ideas and experiences, horses in her program become familiar with hauling to other places, social interactions with other horses, their own bodies through managing obstacles, and a happy relationship with humans through no-pressure, high-reward activities like tricks, target training and liberty work.

Before riding training, Oak gets ponied to gain confidence in having someone above him.
Swimming is incredible exercise to aid in the development of the deeper postural muscles of the horse and to reset old movement patterns.